Building A Business With Young Living Essential Oils

Do you dream of staying at home with your family? First off, essential oils may be common, but high quality essential oils are NOT common. Essential oils for massage therapy, aromatherapy, personal care, mind and emotion, targeted health, family health, nutrition, household use, yoga health, pet health or cleansing and weight management are used.

I first started with Young Living because I wanted to try their famous Thieves essential oil. Essential oils are not the same as basic oils. He spent 35 years studying the benefits and perfecting the extraction of essential oils, while building a billion-dollar plus global business designed to share what he deemed the gift' of essential oils with millions of people.

To be honest, they did mention that although the products are high quality and very beneficial for health, some people may have sensitive reactions as nausea, etc. Fall in love with the products. It felt so natural to share my love for essential oils with others, and I was getting paid to do it. That's when I started looking into the business opportunity with Young Living.

I've created wonderful friendships with the people in through Young Living and I am always working to support and educate anyone in my group who is interested in learning more, whether it's to support themselves in health, or to learn to grow a business.

Exclusive Member Pricing: Save 24 percent off retail pricing on Young Living products , and save even more money with exclusive specials and promotions every month. I am a Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributor. With dedicated support from Young Living and your team and a comprehensive compensation plan, you can take control of your future by building a rewarding business.

By treating his business like a business, Adam was able to retire” at age 22. Now, five years Young Living later, Adam's team has more than 35,000 members and exceeds $1,500,000 in sales monthly. I'm only saying that your target audience as a distributor would be those who already understand that essential oils should be expensive or those who are already using another brand of essential oils.

Make & Takes are a fun way to introduce friends to essential oils and send them home with a gift. You are on this blog because you are thinking about joining Young Living because someone approached you about it or you just want to try out their products. If you sign up on our team we will welcome you with open arms, do a happy dance, support you every step of the way and immediately help you get started- whether it's using the oils, or also pursuing the business opportunity.

One you get your starter kit, start using the oils. But just to be clear…when you become a wholesale member of Young Living and buy the starter kit, it doesn't mean that you have to pursue the business side of things. They have set the standards, they have scoured the world for the best oils, they employ or partner with amazing teams of scientists, EO experts, growers, distillers, and doctors.

BUT…when that time is finished, put the phone away, turn off the computer and spend the time with your family and friends. Once in awhile I'll post a pic of how I'm using the oils on social media- never anything ‘salesy', just an honest post about how I'm using an oil or product that day with a heart of helping others.

Let me start by explicitly stating that this is not a review of the Young Living essential oil products. If I tell someone about Young Living and they decide they'd like to make a purchase, I direct them to the Young Living website where they'll enter my distributor # and order their own products that will be shipped directly to their own homes.

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